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Exercise has actually been shown to strengthen the bones in the body, decreasing the risk of fractures, cartilage degeneration and bone density loss.

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Explores the consequences of drug abuse on the brain and body and introduces the.How I Lost 10 Pounds (and Learned to Love a Healthy Lifestyle).The previous statistics are important considering the negative effects of poor body.Long-term effects include an overall increase in efficiency of the heart, lungs and circulatory system leading to: (5).Microsoft Word documents require the free Microsoft Word viewer.

Effects of exercise intensity on cardiovascular fitness, total body. on the effects of exercise. over the long term for achievement of a healthy body.During resistance training, the muscles are torn in various spots.In order to make the muscles keep on tearing in order for them to be repaired and then re-build you will need to constantly use heavier weights as otherwise your muscles will get use to a specific weight and not tear.It is critical to give your body ample healing time after exercise so that it can rest and recoup, preventing immune system weakness.While exercise is healthy, long term exercise can actually pose threats to you both mentally and physically.Your cardiac output will increase during chronic exercise in relation to an increase of both stroke volume and heart rate.To find out the cardiac output you must do stroke volume x heart rate therefore both these factors will increase cardiac output.This is an increase in mitochondria content and size of them, which is supported by an increased level of aerobic system enzymes.

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INCREASE IN MYOGLOBIN STORES Myoglobin is defined as a red protein containing heme that carries and stores oxygen in muscle cells, myoglobin function is too carry oxygen from cell membrane all the way to mitochondria.When you have been training the body will come back to its resting point faster because the body will be better at doing this.Whenever exercise is done for a long period of time your blood pressure will naturally decrease, this is because your body is able to cope with a lower resting blood pressure.

This means that if their is an increase in mitochondria their will be more space for the body to produce ATP which is needed energy source in order to do aerobic exercises.For more details on the link between the endocrine system and.If you train your bone and body over a long period of time,.So any exercise that places force on a bone will strengthen that bone.

During long term exercise the body creates and stores. can run for longer without feeling the effects of fatigue as the.Whenever muscles fibers get repaired like this they will become larger and stronger then previously in an attempt to prevent the muscles from getting torn again.Ligaments will need to adapt in this way because long term exercise will put great force and stress on the ligaments which could be damaged easily if not strengthened.This long-term ongoing stress can increase the risk for hypertension,.INCREASE IN TENDON STRENGTH Tendons are what connect our muscles to our bones, they are strong bands of connective tissue which are able to cope with a massive amount of pressure being put on them.

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At the start of exercise, muscle stimulation will increase lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fats into fatty acids and glycerol in tissue and muscle.

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CAPILARISATION A chronic effect of exercise will be that our body creates more capillaries, this is to make it so that their is an increase of blood flow in the body.INCREASE AEROBIC FITNESS Over a long period of time the body becomes better at adapting to aerobic exercise as it happens, this is because everything in your body as improved in order to be able to sustain this aerobic exercise. the heart and lungs both grow in their size and their capacity in order to provide the body with more oxygen and more blood.Specifically, running, jogging and jumping activities appear to have the worst effects.And when your heart and lung health improve, you have more energy to tackle daily chores.This will benefit an athlete because it means that the blood which carries the oxygen which is needed to create energy will get to the muscles quicker.

This will benefit an athlete because he will be able to send more blood out at one time and therefore send out more oxygen to the working muscles which need it in order to maintain the exercise.Cardiac output can increase 5 to 7 times to allow more oxygen to get to the muscles.

LONG TERM EFFECTS OF EXERCISE ON THE BODY SYSTEMS Physiology of Fitness Andrew Roberts Long Term Effects of Exercise on the Body Systems 1.Effect Of Exercise On The Human Body Physical Education Essay. we do not see any long or short term.Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.With exercise and training you are able to increase the amount inhaled and exhaled in one breath.

People that have exercised for many years or become compulsive in their exercise routines may not give their bodies sufficient time to rest between workouts.INCREASED STRENGTH OF RESPIRATORY MUSCLES The respiratory muscles are the lungs, diaphragm and the inetcostal muscles.The ways the muscles do this is by having a increase in the numbers of mitochondria.Our immune system is important for fighting off infections and keeping our bodies in a healthy state.The capillary network will have a major part of this as when it increase it will allow lactic acid to be disposed quicker as its disposed in the blood and when the capillary network increases it will give the blood more ways to dispose it.